Jorge has more than 20 years working as an international aquaculture consultant in the design; management and direction of commercial closed shrimp & fish RAS following organic highquality standards. Through his consulting firm, he has leading commercial super-intensive companies is the US, LATAM and Europe. With strategic alliances in genetic improved shrimp lines, feed and additive industry and exclusivity distributor to the best recirculation technology in the world, his firm, Integral Aquaculture Systems, is now positioned as one of the most complete consulting firms worldwide that provide real integral solutions in commercial RAS farming. Jorge has been working at commercial level in all areas of the shrimp aquaculture industry: Maturation, Hatchery, Nursery and Grow-out as well as other sectors of the industry as the Feed industry and the Genetic industry, all at commercial level. His “hands-on” approach to his consulting services and vast commercial experience in many companies in different countries provide him a unique business vision that results in achieving consistent results, yielding and quality. Jorge is committed 100% with the organic aquafarming, the humane practices, the sustainable production and the local-fresh premium quality protein for a better human nutrition

Durbelis has more than 10 years of an extensive commercial experience in the area of commercialization, sales and marketing, both domestic and international. Her professional and academic background and the positions she had been held in previous jobs provide her a rich set of experience and wide vision on how to approach and develop new business from a non-conventional point of view. Exploring, creating and innovating and key elements for our company while we envision new business and she has those highly valuable attributes we treasure as crucial for our business. Her position as LATAM market development will allow her to expand her great potential.

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Integral Aquaculture Systems is currently looking for our new Liaison Officer. Requirements:
Young woman, excellent presentation, bilingual (English & Spanish).
3 yr experience as Liaison Officer, if in the AQ industry a Plus but not required.
Residency in the AMERICAS. No required to change location.

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