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We know the importance for the investors to be 100% sure about where to invest their money. That is why we are offering a COMPLETE R&D package of services for those investors who want to explore first the real business in a reliable pilot-scale system before taking the important decision of fully invest in a commercial scale aquaculture facility.

Our state-of-the-art COMPLETE R&D closed RAS unit has been thought, designed and constructed to MAXIMIZE all doubtful aspects involved in the real commercial-scale shrimp or fish farming. The unit is deliberately designed for the investor to get all the minimal details involved in super-intensive closed RAS.

Our exclusive R&D unit has been tested, proved and managed for months and months 24/7 without exchanging water, without draining water and without using any chemical product, hormones or antibiotics.

Our COMPLETE R&D package includes, but not limited to, the following main characteristics:

  • Full in-detail unit design.

  • Building specifications.

  • Tanks specifications.

  • RAS specifications.

  • Aeration/oxygenation specifications.

  • Monitoring system specifications.

  • Feeding system specifications.

  • Heating system specifications

  • Filtration/Biofiltration specifications.

  • Biosecurity specifications.

  • Electrical system specifications.

  • Emergency generator system

  • Laboratory equipment

  • Production equipment.

  • R&D Manuals

  • Production Manuals


We are offering a TURNKEY type of system. A COMPLETE R&D fully operational designed, sized and constructed according to your specific production goals, this way the R&D can efficiently generate all the production and financial data the investor group needs to be 100% sure about the next step that is the full commercial production level.

Do not hesitate to send us an email in the CONTACT area about your needs so we can follow up with you on the specific needs your COMPLETE R&D unit will require.

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